An unexpected trip to Pondicherry

The urge to travel It has been months of being at home and doing nothing but working on laptop, cooking, and eating. Initially, I used the COVID situation to learn cooking and I did in fact, cook some really delicious dishes. But slowly, I lost interest in cooking. I live with my mother so I … Continue reading An unexpected trip to Pondicherry

Quick outing to La Jolla Cove

On the last day of our retro meeting, we were done by afternoon. I had lunch with my colleagues and left to my hotel room. The hotel, Embassy Suites, has shuttle service. The shuttle leaves at 6pm and drops visitors at place of their choice and pick them up at a specified time. I took … Continue reading Quick outing to La Jolla Cove

Palolem, Goa :)

I love Goa. It feels like second home to me. Every time I think of traveling to a place, I can not help but compare it with Goa. I think of the leisure, peace, beach, sand under my feet while relishing fresh seafood and sipping cool liquor, state of inertia, sound of roaring waves (it … Continue reading Palolem, Goa 🙂

Cola, a Goan paradise

For me, this trip to Cola is very special for several reasons. First, this is my first solo trip. Second, this place is very beautiful and has been on my list since long. Third, I learnt few important lessons that will make my future solo trips easier and more memorable. Fourth, it is Goa! Cola … Continue reading Cola, a Goan paradise

Tranquility at Agonda, Goa

My first visit to Goa was during 2007. Since then, Goa has always been very special to me and very close to my heart. Goa has changed a lot for worse in these years; especially north Goa. It is very noisy now. The respect for others' space is diminishing. I was terribly missing Goa of … Continue reading Tranquility at Agonda, Goa