It was mom’s birthday and I wanted to make it special. From the time I landed my first job 11 years ago, I had always wanted to visit Taj Falaknuma Palace. But then, my monthly salary was less than the room tariff. So I had to postpone my plan. Now, things are better. Due to the COVID situation, the tariff was highly discounted so I felt I can afford a couple of days at the palace. Thus, we went ahead with the reservations. I initially thought to reserve a room for a day. But then I felt, one day’s time might be too little to see the beautiful palace. So I made reservations for two nights. I highly recommend checking with the hotel directly for the best rates and offers.

Grand welcome!!

After quick checking of temperatures, the security tagged our luggage. We were taken in a horse-drawn chariot to the palace, exactly like royalty. Upon reaching the palace, the managers were ready to welcome us and offered us cool drinks. After having the refreshing cool drinks, as went into the palace, rose petals were showered upon us!! Also, one of the staff carried the royal emblem!! The welcome was amazing!! We were quickly checked in and as a surprise, we were given a complimentary upgrade! We got the city view room with its own spacious balcony.

As we entered, we saw the beautiful library and reception! Check-in was swift and Shivangi was assigned to see to our requests.

At the entrance


Our upgraded room, the Charminar Suite turned out to be very beautiful. From the balcony, we could see the city and the front side of the palace. The room is very spacious with a separate room for wardrobes.

I just fell in love with the aesthetically done bathroom!! I was absolutely floored by the bathtub. The sides and the roof of the bathtub have a lot of mirrors!


After resting for some time, we headed for lunch. We opted for veg food and needless to say, the food was delicious. As my mom is an elderly person, the staff even gave us a separate room in the restaurant for lunch due to the COVID situation.


Every evening, the hotel organizes the palace tour. The palace guide is a very knowledgeable and passionate historian. He shared a lot of details and stories about the palace.


  • In the palace tour, Coronation Hall is usually skipped. Ask at the reception and definitely see the Coronation Hall. It is very beautiful and different from the rest of the palace.
  • There are a lot of peacocks in the palace grounds. It best to see them in morning. Though it difficult, I highly recommend getting up at 5am and be ready by 5:45am to see the peacocks. The hotel staff feeds the peacocks in the morning and evening. But it is much better in the morning, some peacocks even unfurl their beautiful feathers! You can check at the reception and coordinate with staff for this.

Evenings at Taj Falaknuma

You can plan evenings at Falaknuma as per your wish. You choose to listen to the wonderful Qawwali or go for high tea.

Food is served at Qawwali and you can also buy some souvenirs after the Qawwali.


High tea at the Jade Terrace is a very pleasant experience. The staff does everything they can to make you feel very comfortable. The food is very innovative and tasty. You can also opt for sugar-free alternatives.

Wonderful staff!!

Taj Falaknuma is a palace but it is the staff who ensure that you feel like royalty. They are always there for any of your requirements. Sometimes, they even know what you want or prefer without you telling them. The staff is simply amazing!! Falaknuma without its wonderful staff would lose its appeal.

I noticed that several people come merely for a meal or high tea, without staying at Falaknuma. In my opinion, this does NOT do justice to Falaknuma and its amazing staff. The duration is simply too less to feel the royalty. I highly recommend staying at Falaknuma instead of just coming for a meal or high tea.

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