Pondicherry is especially beautiful during rains. Because of Cyclone Buravi, Pondicherry looked very green and colorful. Due to the COVID situation, Paradise beach and Auroville were closed. With nowhere else to go, I roamed around Pondicherry peacefully.

Promenade and Rock beach

Promenade is the most famous landmark in Pondicherry for a reason. A mere walk is very relaxing. After cyclone Burevi, the Promenade was opened for public. Promenade was very beautiful as the sky was changing colours and sea was shimmering. The place can be crowded usually.

Walk around the White town or French quarter

White town or French quarter is beautiful with aesthetic building and interesting decor. Due to the rains, the place looked much more beautiful. I highly recommend taking a lazy stroll in this area. There are several coffee shops and eateries in this area. Anytime you are tired, there is a refreshment to keep you going. Also, do visit Aurobindo ashram and Bharathi Park.

Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar temple

This is a beautiful Vinayaka temple. There are several beautiful paintings on the roof of this temple. Photography is not allowed inside the temple but you can take pictures outside. But sadly, COVID protocols were not followed properly inside the temple, and even the ventilation wasn’t great inside. This temple is definitely worth a visit when in Puducherry.

Beautiful churches

Our Lady of Angels church, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Immaculate Conception Cathedral are a must-visit, especially when prayers are going on. I particularly liked Our Lady of Angels church. The colors of the painting are very soothing and pleasant.

Serenity beach

Sadly, this beach seems to be lost. Surfing can be done at this beach but during my visit, I found the beach desolate. This can be a beautiful beach if it is properly maintained.

I missed visiting the Tamil quarters as I wasn’t aware of it. Later I heard this place has amazing character and vibe.

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