I contracted Dengue

I stay in a good locality and work in a hygienic office and yet, contracted the deadly Dengue virus. It was Thursday last week and in office, I was feeling cold. While having dinner at home, I realised I got fever. By bedtime, slight fever turned to high fever with chills. That's when it dawned … Continue reading I contracted Dengue

Intricate designs of Paigah tombs, Hyderabad

Paigah tombs belong to the members of the Paigah family, loyalists of the Nizams. It is said that members of this family served as ministers, generals and states people under Nizams. Paigah tombs is now a relatively unknown architectural marvel in Hyderabad. I am not a history buff like my mother. In 2010, when my … Continue reading Intricate designs of Paigah tombs, Hyderabad