Tranquility at Agonda, Goa

My first visit to Goa was during 2007. Since then, Goa has always been very special to me and very close to my heart. Goa has changed a lot for worse in these years; especially north Goa. It is very noisy now. The respect for others’ space is diminishing. I was terribly missing Goa of the past. Hence, this time I planned to stay at Agonda – a tiny village among mountains with beautiful beach.


Yes, that’s Goa ! It is disappointing that many tourists just view Goa as a party destination. Goa is a party destination but is not limited to that. For me, Goa gives freedom, space and, allows me to talk to myself.

It was very refreshing to experience the real Goa in Agonda, without reckless crowd and mindless noise.


Beach huts are the best way to stay on Agonda beach; they are right on the beach. Open the door and the sea is just few feet away. You can sleep listening to the waves crash. Some beach huts also have roofless bathrooms. It is a pleasant experience to shower under stars. The beach huts are constructed every year during September-October and are dismantled during May. There are no beach huts during monsoons due to high tides and heavy rainfall.

We stayed at Sand Sapphire and I highly recommend it. We could see dolphins jump even from our shack; not clearly but a vague picture of dolphin. We were too lazy to go on dolphin boat trips. The night sky was beautiful and I was lucky to catch a glimpse of a shooting star. The sunsets were super gorgeous and the peaceful calm beach made them more beautiful. We just spent evenings watching sun go down into sea, while sipping Goan port wine. The whole experience at Agonda was meditative. I totally loved that state of mind.


I was there during last week of November and the weather was pleasant. Afternoons were a little hot, though. It would be very hot in summers.

A note for travelers:

  • Agonda is not a party destination. Go there for peace, serenity and your time. For parties, head to Calangute and Baga.
  • Respect others’ space and contribute towards preserving the real Goan experience – live and let live.
  • Do not litter. Do not throw plastic on beach.

Places nearby:

  • Palolem beach – For silent noise party (party with head phones) and shallow beach.
  • Butterfly beach – You must go by boat to reach this isolated peaceful beach.
  • Cola/Khola beach – Another isolated peaceful beach.
  • Galgibaga beach – Turtle nesting beach.
  • Cabo de Rama fort – Great sea views.


  • Nothing or yoga or go for a walk.
  • Boat trips to sight dolphins or visit nearby beaches.
Dog lazing at our shack.

Eat and drink:

  • Sea food is a must-try. Xacuti and Vindaloo gravies are the best. Ask the restaurant guys about fresh catch and ask the chef to cook it to your choice.
  • Drink Feni (locally produced cashew or toddy spirit), Goan port wine and Goan King’s beer.
Good old King’s beer.
Fresh catch of the day.


I left with a heavy heart and I will definitely go back to Agonda for another lazy peaceful vacation.


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