On the last day of our retro meeting, we were done by afternoon. I had lunch with my colleagues and left to my hotel room. The hotel, Embassy Suites, has shuttle service. The shuttle leaves at 6pm and drops visitors at place of their choice and pick them up at a specified time. I took this shuttle and went to La Jolla cove. The drive was beautiful.

The shuttle driver dropped me and others some 10 minutes away from La Jolla cove. I wanted to see if I could sit down and have a coffee at some restaurant or cafe with beach view. I checked few places but I didn’t like the angle of seating arrangement, I can’t see sunset. So I walked to La Jolla cove.

The views are good. The golden sun light made everything more beautiful. A lot of seagulls were flying around. The sunset time was around 7:30pm that day. I wanted to see sunset and record it on my new handy cam.

I was told that there were seals at one place. But none told me that they stink real bad! As I was approaching them, the scent got stronger. I realised that it was seals’ smell. I just took a couple of clips of the seals and fled away. The seals are so huge and I was surprised that people were getting very close to these beasts.

Finally, it was time for gorgeous sunset! I recorded the entire sunset and the dusk hues were simply amazing! During sunset, I longed for Goa.

I missed taking the shuttle as I was busy enjoying sunset and dusk. I lazily walked around a bit and took Uber back to the hotel with good footage 🙂

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