Time to leave Spiti

After coming back from Mud, we had to sort out our cab issue. It was evening by the time we got back as Subbu went to Kaza market again. We noticed Nariendar. He still looked like a mess and we were more determined not to go in his car. We also saw that Mr. Tsering, … Continue reading Time to leave Spiti

Why I didn’t like Shimla

Well, for me this is a civil way of saying "Shimla sucks". That's how much I hated it during my trip to Spiti. I was so glad that we planned to have Shimla as only a stopover. Despite being a fanatic of greenery and hills, I don't think I would return to Shimla for these … Continue reading Why I didn’t like Shimla

Missed bus, got cab, saw Hatu peak and reached Sarahan

Day 2 of Spiti trip I am a light sleeper. Slightest sounds wake me up unless I am absolutely exhausted. That night I could not sleep well. There was some construction work going on and workers were dropping iron rods as if they there was nobody around. Somewhere far, someone honked horn continuously for more … Continue reading Missed bus, got cab, saw Hatu peak and reached Sarahan

Take off, Chandigarh and unpleasant Shimla

Day 1 of Spiti trip Got rid of the impractical rucksack Morning on May 31st, I was busy packing up my stuff in rucksack and checking myself in the mirror to see if I am able balance myself with the camera bag in the rucksack. I frankly was very unsure about the rucksack. It kept … Continue reading Take off, Chandigarh and unpleasant Shimla


Spiti, first makes you go out of breath and then makes you hold your breath! Two girls head to Spiti SPITI!! Ahh! I am not sure where to begin. This has been a very eventful enriching and enlivening journey. Except for my trip to Manali with mom when I was 8 years old, I have … Continue reading EPIC TRIP TO SPITI