I love Goa. It feels like second home to me. Every time I think of traveling to a place, I can not help but compare it with Goa. I think of the leisure, peace, beach, sand under my feet while relishing fresh seafood and sipping cool liquor, state of inertia, sound of roaring waves (it is music to my ears and confirms my presence in Goa), and many more reasons. Boyfriend too feels the same (in fact, a bit more intensely) and this makes it more difficult for us to travel to other places. We are, however, changing this attitude. He too, like me, did not travel for almost 2 years. In these two years, he had planned 6 trips to Goa with his friends and sadly, all 6 got cancelled. We both were desperate to experience Goa. I wanted to see if I could be his lady luck and make this Goa trip happen.

The initial plan was to stay for four days. But thanks to boyfriend, it got reduced to three; from Dec 1st 2018 to 3rd. We had planned to stay at a very remote beach, Kakolem. Only one accommodation option is available. The few available reviews of the place were good. So we thought to stay there for 3 days. I transferred a nominal advance of Rs 2000 towards reserving accommodation. Even before we reached the place, we knew we had to get down a cliff and climb down a lot of stairs to reach the accommodation and its tiny beach. But when we reached, I was surprised that there was nobody to help us carry our luggage. As we descended steps, we could see the sea, beach, trees and the view was fantastic. But when we descended further, we gradually realised that the place was too isolated for us to feel comfortable or safe. Boyfriend felt claustrophobic and chained. There was only one person at the accommodation and he did not do much to instil confidence. He was hardly welcoming and did not offer even water when we arrived after lugging down our luggage. He showed us our room only when we asked. Boyfriend did not like the rooms. He said the sheets were too dirty. One look at boyfriend and I understood that he was feeling extremely uncomfortable and just wanted to get out of the place quickly. Immediately, I decided to leave. I called the owner of the place using the landline phone (and yes, there is absolutely no cell phone coverage there. Owner had earlier assured me of the opposite.). I told him the situation and the owner was willing return Rs 1000. I then called the cab driver, who had earlier dropped us at Kakolem, and asked him to pick us up. We decided to go to Palolem and stay there. I lugged my heavy luggage up the cliff, boyfriend helped when I could not. It was my choice to pack lot more clothes than needed. So, I did not want boyfriend to pay the price by lugging it up. Finally, after a quick drive, we reached Palolem πŸ™‚

Driver knew a person who runs a beach accommodation at Palolem. He took us straight to that friend; Rohit, owner of Sai Valentine, Palolem. We looked at an available beach facing hut with AC and we both liked it. The room was on first floor and the view from balcony was good. The accommodation was towards the northern end of the beach and the room costed us Rs 3500. I felt it was a tad bit expensive but I did not have any energy left to bargain. Finally, we settled down in Goa.

Because of the unique positioning and curvature of the beach, one can see both sunrise and sunset at Palolem. This was the first of its kind for me. Till then, I only saw sunsets in Goa. The sunrise was on the left of our room, while sunset was on our right.

Sunset view from our accommodation.



As usual, we were just being lazy in Palolem; we did literally nothing but eat, drink, and watch sunsets. These brief periods of blissful absolute inactivity amidst continuous flow of mechanical chaotic days, feels so heavenly. Everything seems so much better. Brain gets a little more imaginative. I even felt it was a good idea to come back to Goa for our honeymoon. But we were not as lazy as we were in Agonda and we walked around a little.

One can go on boat trips to Honeymoon beach or watch dolphins. One can also join the local fishermen during one of their fishing trips. Rohit, the owner of Sai Valentine, asked us too many times if we wanted to go for a boat trip. It felt a little insistent. Otherwise, he is fine.  We also met two brothers, Andy and Ravi, from Himachal at Sai Valentines. They run a hotel and homestay in Spiti; Hotel Winter White and Andy’s Place. They are very friendly and I saved their numbers as I am keen to travel to Spiti. The brothers work in Goa during winters.

Where we ate:

We both wanted to have authentic Goan seafood. We initially tried having it at our accommodation. While the taste was good, it was definitely not authentic Goan food. Boyfriend earlier had good food at Dropadi during one of his Goan trips. So we went there but unfortunately, it was nothing but an expensive disaster. Only cocktails were good.

We walked a little away from touristy beach and stumbled upon Olive Room. We tested waters by ordering our regular cheese omelette and other basic dishes. The food was good. In fact, the cheese omelette was much better than the one we had at Sai Valentines.

For dinner, we ventured a little further and came across Fisherman’s. We ordered prawns for starters. It was good though not the best. Then for main course, we ordered Goan fish curry in coconut gravy along with rice. The fish curry was simply super delicious; one of the best I ever had in Goa. The coconut gravy was loaded with subtle flavours. Impressed with the fish curry, we ordered another curry in Vindaloo gravy. This too was good. We came back to this place again and made friends with the owner. In fact, he even arranged us a cab while leaving Goa.

While in Palolem, we did some quick shopping. We bought a fridge magnet and Toblerone.

The last day, luckily I got up in time to see sunrise. It was very beautiful. I tried waking up boyfriend but he was too sleepy. I left him sleeping, grabbed my cam and went to the beach. The pleasant morning was very refreshing and gently enlivening. Despite my sleepy head, I tried taking some shots. After taking shots, I returned to the shack and sat down for some time to just gaze at the morning beauty and see colours change in front me.

During the trip, I had asked boyfriend to click a picture of sea acting like a massive mirror and reflecting bright sunlight. I had earlier wanted to capture an image of super bright shimmering massive sea while in Cola but failed. I was hoping if boyfriend’s unique perspective could create such an image and he gifted me a beautiful image, just the way I wanted it πŸ™‚


This trip is very memorable for one special reason. The last day, we were having some random conversations and I mentioned how much I longed for more of such quality time and conversations with him. To this, he replied, “May be we should get married” πŸ™‚ . Guess he too wants to spend more time with his lady luck πŸ™‚

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