Cola, a Goan paradise

For me, this trip to Cola is very special for several reasons. First, this is my first solo trip. Second, this place is very beautiful and has been on my list since long. Third, I learnt few important lessons that will make my future solo trips easier and more memorable. Fourth, it is Goa! Cola […]

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Edict that identified Ashoka

Several rock edicts were discovered with the name Devanam piyadasi (meaning, Beloved servant of the God) and these edicts were scattered across the present-day Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The identity of Devanam piyadasi was a mystery till 1915 when a British gold-mining engineer discovered an edict in Maski. In this edict, the name Ashoka is clearly […]

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Scenic Jaladurga fort, Raichur

I stumbled upon this place when looking for places to explore during our trip to Raichur. Jaladurga is a very small village on the banks of river Krishna. The name literally means fort on water. It is said that this fort was once the stronghold of Adilshahis. The fort has seven doorways, a watch tower […]

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Offbeat Goa in monsoon!

Please note that I have not visited all the mentioned places. This post is for my reference, which could be helpful to you as well. I constantly try and seek out offbeat places. I mark them on my map but when the best season to explore those places has finally arrived, I forget. This blog […]

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