We decided to visit Wayanad for three reasons: Chembra peak, waterfalls and Neelimala viewpoint. At that time, there was very little information and only a few reviews on the internet about this mini trek. But the words remote, lesser known and non-touristy that some reviewers used, caught our attention and we decided to do this trek. And, this trek turned to be one of the highlights of our trip.

The best part about this trek is the view of Meenmutty waterfalls. As we visited during monsoon, there was heavy fog. We could just get a glimpse of the waterfalls and before we could click a decent picture, the fog became very dense in few seconds literally.

Glimpse of Meenmutty waterfalls
Glimpse of Meenmutty waterfalls.

Joyi, a local there, accompanied us. He was very friendly and took several pictures for us.


During the trek, we saw several insects, spiders, flowers and mushrooms. We saw a fly that is as big as an average adult’s thumb! Joyi warned us against touching any spider or mushroom unless he said that it was alright.


A poisonous spider.
Torn spider web with dew.

Joyi plucked and gave us some raw baby cardamoms. It is said that they are very good remedy for cough. Upon his assurance, we ate these tasty crunchy juicy wild cardamoms.

Raw baby cardamoms.

The trek is small and very much doable. We were the only ones trekking and I loved the isolation. The best time to visit would be winter, if you love clear views. During monsoon, there would be lot of fog; but again, Kerala is very special during monsoon. So it totally depends upon your preference.

View of a local church during trek.


There is a small tea stall at the starting point. We sipped piping hot tea after the trek. The whole Neelimala experience was simple, unique and very calming.

Nature lovers, who want isolation, would love this mini trek. This is definitely a must-do in Wayanad.

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