Poovar, a paradise in Kerala!!

I travelled solo to Kerala in December 2020. With Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) as a base, I travelled to several places in Kerala. I first heard about Poovar from an ex-colleague. He had only words of praise and amazement to describe this place. With such a genuine amazed tone, I needed no other information and decided to … Continue reading Poovar, a paradise in Kerala!!

Pondicherry travel during COVID

Pondicherry is especially beautiful during rains. Because of Cyclone Buravi, Pondicherry looked very green and colorful. Due to the COVID situation, Paradise beach and Auroville were closed. With nowhere else to go, I roamed around Pondicherry peacefully. Promenade and Rock beach Promenade is the most famous landmark in Pondicherry for a reason. A mere walk … Continue reading Pondicherry travel during COVID

Taj Falaknuma – A superlative experience

It was mom's birthday and I wanted to make it special. From the time I landed my first job 11 years ago, I had always wanted to visit Taj Falaknuma Palace. But then, my monthly salary was less than the room tariff. So I had to postpone my plan. Now, things are better. Due to … Continue reading Taj Falaknuma – A superlative experience

Villa Shanti, Pondicherry

Villa Shanti in the White Town area of Pondicherry has been on my travel list since long. But it happened only in December 2020 during the COVID pandemic. Right from reservation, everything went smoothly. Adelie promptly responded to my calls and mails, and helped me make reservations and book taxi smoothly. I traveled solo and … Continue reading Villa Shanti, Pondicherry

An unexpected trip to Pondicherry

The urge to travel It has been months of being at home and doing nothing but working on laptop, cooking, and eating. Initially, I used the COVID situation to learn cooking and I did in fact, cook some really delicious dishes. But slowly, I lost interest in cooking. I live with my mother so I … Continue reading An unexpected trip to Pondicherry

Spiti in pictures – A photo essay

Mudh village and Pin river - Pin valley, near Kaza Side view of the Dhankar village En route Kaza Nako village Key monastery Giu monastery Nako lake Nako monastery Tabo monastery En route Mudh village. View of Pin river - Pin valley, near Kaza En route Mudh village. View of Pin river - Pin valley, … Continue reading Spiti in pictures – A photo essay

Intricate designs of Paigah tombs, Hyderabad

Paigah tombs belong to the members of the Paigah family, loyalists of the Nizams. It is said that members of this family served as ministers, generals and states people under Nizams. Paigah tombs is now a relatively unknown architectural marvel in Hyderabad. I am not a history buff like my mother. In 2010, when my … Continue reading Intricate designs of Paigah tombs, Hyderabad

Spiti travel guide

Where is Spiti Spiti is a region in Himachal Pradesh and is part of the Lahaul and Spiti district. Lahaul and Spiti are different regions. Kunzum Pass is the entrance to Spiti from Lahaul. Spiti is a cold desert with very little rainfall. Keylong is in the Lahaul region and is the headquarters of the … Continue reading Spiti travel guide

Eternal ubiquitous washroom problem

We talk and hear a lot about Swatch Bharat. I personally saw immense positive changes in India. Despite all this, I cease to understand how and why the public washroom problem NEVER gets resolved. It's a shame that we still have to "hunt" for usable public toilets. At some places, there's no public toilet at … Continue reading Eternal ubiquitous washroom problem

Time to leave Spiti

After coming back from Mud, we had to sort out our cab issue. It was evening by the time we got back as Subbu went to Kaza market again. We noticed Nariendar. He still looked like a mess and we were more determined not to go in his car. We also saw that Mr. Tsering, … Continue reading Time to leave Spiti