Edict that identified Ashoka

Several rock edicts were discovered with the name Devanam piyadasi (meaning, Beloved servant of the God) and these edicts were scattered across the present-day Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The identity of Devanam piyadasi was a mystery till 1915 when a British gold-mining engineer discovered an edict in Maski. In this edict, the name Ashoka is clearly … Continue reading Edict that identified Ashoka

Dilapidated yet beautiful Mudgal fort, Raichur

Mom very much wanted to visit Mudgal fort. She read a lot about this fort. But when we reached Mudgal, we got the same shock we got in Raichur. Not many locals are aware of its rich history. Tourists/visitors seem rare here. Some locals looked at us as if we were aliens and, one lady … Continue reading Dilapidated yet beautiful Mudgal fort, Raichur

Neolithic period site at Piklihal, Raichur

After receiving little or no help from locals in Raichur town about places to explore in Raichur district, me and my mom started searching on internet. Then we came across this place, Piklihal (ಪಿಕಳಿಹಾಳ). Very little information is available on internet. Nothing much is described about this tiny village near Mudgal, except that this is … Continue reading Neolithic period site at Piklihal, Raichur

Scenic Jaladurga fort, Raichur

I stumbled upon this place when looking for places to explore during our trip to Raichur. Jaladurga is a very small village on the banks of river Krishna. The name literally means fort on water. It is said that this fort was once the stronghold of Adilshahis. The fort has seven doorways, a watch tower … Continue reading Scenic Jaladurga fort, Raichur