After coming back from Mud, we had to sort out our cab issue. It was evening by the time we got back as Subbu went to Kaza market again. We noticed Nariendar. He still looked like a mess and we were more determined not to go in his car. We also saw that Mr. Tsering, owner of Sakya Abode, had come to the hotel. We requested Tsering to arrange a cab for us to head back to Chandigarh. Tsering sir turned to be a perfect gentleman. He understood our problem and asked Lamaji to arrange a cab for us. The entire evening Lamaji spent on getting us a cab. We wanted to go Chandra Taal but the road wasn’t open yet. So the only option we had was to head back to Shimla and take our flight from Chandigarh. I and Subbu didn’t like the idea of staying at Shimla. We wanted to go directly to Chandigarh if possible, even though it would take a lot of time. But due to taxi union issues, our Spiti taxi can go till only till Shimla. We got a very good professional driver, Key Sung. He said he would drop us in Shimla and would even arrange for another cab to take us till Chandigarh.

It was such a relief to get rid of Nariendar. We made payment to his cab after deducting the fare the we have to give to Key Sung from the package we agreed upon. This involved lot of haggling and arguing and pleading from Naveen who considered Nariendar’s behaviour as “grave mistake” initially and then “innocent mistake”. We didn’t budge and stuck to deducting money from the package.

The journey to Shimla from Kaza took us around 16 hours. We started at around 6am. Key Sung drove very well and smoothly. His behaviour was very professional. How much we wished we had such professional driver during the entire trip! The driver who drove us from Shimla to Chandigarh was again shockingly unprofessional. Even the taxi operator was unprofessional and even asked us to engage the driver in a conversation to ensure that he doesn’t doze off while driving!

The drive from Shimla to Chandigarh was nothing short of a living nightmare. I just wanted to stop this and take a room in Shimla. But somehow, we kept going. The driver was too young; hardly 23 years old. His behaviour was weird. Me and Subbu were damn tired from the 16-hour journey and still had to force our eyes open to ensure that this driver doesn’t doze off. Looking back, it was a very foolish decision to go Chandigarh with that driver at night. En route, we reserved room at Lemon Tree and by the time we reached our hotel, our driver was hardly in a position to even stand. He was just ready fall down and sleep. I vowed to myself that I would NEVER EVER do such thing.

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