Day 7 of Spiti trip – Mud and Dhankar villages

Sakya Abode staff got us a professional driver to take us out to Mud and Dhankar villages. In a YouTube video, I remember a vlogger strongly recommending a visit to Mud village when in Spiti. He said it was unmissable. He was so true! This place turned out to be “The most beautiful and scenic village”.

Located in Pin Valley National Park, Mud village looks different from the usual Spiti landscape. The way to Mud village from Kaza is astoundingly beautiful. We took several pauses to click pictures and appreciate the nature beauty. I will let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

The beautiful aqua greens of Pin river!

With so many hues and shades of greens, aquas, blues, browns, greys, whites and subtle oranges, I couldn’t help but wonder if this is nature’s palette – View from Mud village

This mountains looks so perculiar, as if someone scooped out a mass of earth from the mountain

I felt very lucky to witness such immense natural beauty! We stopped at Mud to have simple maggi for lunch. This new driver was far more professional than our Shimla. We had our maggi and lemon ginger tea while appreciating the beauty around us!

We then headed to the Dhankar village. There is beautiful monastery there. But what struck me was, how an entire village was built on a mound of mud!

Dhankar village and monastery are on the other side of this mound

Dazed and speechless with all the beauty around us, we headed back to Kaza 🙂 While heading back to Kaza, we saw some interesting mud formations.

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