Mom very much wanted to visit Mudgal fort. She read a lot about this fort. But when we reached Mudgal, we got the same shock we got in Raichur. Not many locals are aware of its rich history. Tourists/visitors seem rare here. Some locals looked at us as if we were aliens and, one lady asked me about why we were taking pictures and why we were interested in this place. In short, there is very little or no help from locals who can throw more light about the fort. The good news is that this fort is in a much better shape when compared to the Raichur fort.

As my mom already read extensively about this fort and is aware of its historical significance, the absence of a proper guide did not prove to be so bad. But presence of a knowledgeable guide  would have been great. Currently, the fort is occupied by the locals and, there are several houses and religious places in the fort premises.




There is a watch tower on the hillock and a path to reach this. Apparently, the view from here is great. But as the ascent seemed long, my mom did not want to go ahead.









Near the exit.

The fort is beautiful but needs some urgent attention and developmental activities before it deteriorates further. It would be really great if Karnataka Tourism Department takes some serious initiatives to develop tourism here.

As of 2011, the literacy rate in Mudgal is below the Karnataka state’s average literacy rate. The saddest part is that locals are not even aware of the rich history that is being neglected and they are ignorant of the fact that visitors can be interested in their historical fort. At least, we felt so. Tourism can help these locals in many ways. Tourism generates employment and most importantly, creates awareness among locals. Locals might then realize the importance of protecting these places.

This really made me a little sad.

Mudgal, like the rest of the Raichur district, is a very promising tourist destination. It just needs some attention and initiatives from the government. Definitely visit this beautiful fort.

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