After receiving little or no help from locals in Raichur town about places to explore in Raichur district, me and my mom started searching on internet. Then we came across this place, Piklihal (ಪಿಕಳಿಹಾಳ). Very little information is available on internet. Nothing much is described about this tiny village near Mudgal, except that this is neolithic period site. As this place is a 3 hour drive from the Raichur town, we decided to explore this place.

We all know about blink-and-miss appearances in movies. Piklihal is exactly that blink-and-miss village when you are travelling. You can easily drive past this tiny village and be oblivious of it. It is better to rely on GPS navigation to avoid missing this place.

Once we reached Piklihal, we started looking for help from locals who can give directions to the Neolithic period site. That site was not on Google maps. We approached some elderly villagers sitting under a big tree and one of them, Venkappa, was kind enough to accompany us.

The drive to the site is desolate, loaded with thorny plants and completely off-road. The cell phone coverage is spotty. The drive seemed long and all kinds of scary thoughts started flying in my mind. I was wondering if Venkappa was just bluffing about knowing the Neolithic site. My mind did not settle down till he did show us one good impression on stone.


There was another impression on stone, but I am not sure if it belongs to the neolithic period. Venkappa told us tales of Chinese people who visit this site with lot of specialized equipment and how they take down notes. Currently, villagers are not allowed to do any farming in this place. He explained several things about the place but I do not know their authenticity.

There are several wild peacocks here. This is definitely a good peaceful place to click pictures of peacocks.

My souvenir.

The entire terrain looks as if someone placed heaps of boulders everywhere. There are some caves as well. I did not venture into any of them. Some boulders have streaks of colors on them. Venkappa said that even rains can not wash those colors off.


How to reach: Piklihal is 6-8km from Mudgal or 30min drive from Lingsugur or 2.5-3hrs drive from Raichur. Ordinary buses ply to Mudgal and this village. But I highly recommend taking your own vehicle with a good spare tyre. The neolithic period site is some distance away from the village and there are very good chances that the car tyre would be punctured as there are lot of thorns.

Note to travelers:

  • This is totally an unknown place and this site is not even on Google maps. So be prepared to rough it up a bit.
  • There are lot of thorny plants everywhere. Be careful.
  • Take a good spare tyre. This is a must.
  • Start early and finish exploring this place well before dusk. The area can get very dark and there are no street lights until you reach the main road.
  • Do not expect any amenities or museum kind of orderliness.

This place is ideal for those:

  • who are interested in history in general or archaeology.
  • who love exploring remote places.
  • who want to explore a different landscape or want to click pictures of peacocks.

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