Our trip to Wayanad started with a desire to go to a place away from crowd and close to nature. We initially thought to visit Coonoor or Kotagiri and so booked flights to Bangalore from Hyderabad. It was then we came across a beautiful monsoon trek; Chembra peak. Timing was perfect; August ending. The plan got changed immediately and we decided to travel to Wayanad instead.

Wayanad is a district in north Kerala and Kalpetta is its district headquarters. Wayanad is relatively less popular and hence, I think, is much more beautiful. I did considerable research before trip as there are so many beautiful places to explore within mere 4 days. I gathered that south Wayanad can be visited both during monsoon and winter whereas, it is very difficult to trek in north Wayanad during monsoon.

I felt we can brave the Kerala monsoons and do the trek to Chembra peak. So we decided to explore south Wayanad.

The following are the places I simply fell in love with, in south Wayanad:

  • Chembra peak – We did the trip for this gorgeous monsoon trek.
  • Neelimala viewpoint
  • Waterfalls – Soochipara, Kanthanpara and Meenmutty waterfalls
  • Edakkal caves
  • Wildlife sanctuary

We visited some view points and a park, which did not impress us. Apart from the above, you can also visit the Banasura dam, Kuruvadweepa, and temples. We planned to explore north Wayanad during winter and do the Pakshipathalam trek. Sadly, our trip to north Wayanad is not done yet.

Best time to visit south Wayanad: Monsoon and winter. I prefer monsoon.

Best time to visit north Wayanad: Winter. I called some homestays and trek guides who informed me that some places and regions are not open during monsoon.

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