Paigah tombs belong to the members of the Paigah family, loyalists of the Nizams. It is said that members of this family served as ministers, generals and states people under Nizams.

Paigah tombs is now a relatively unknown architectural marvel in Hyderabad. I am not a history buff like my mother. In 2010, when my mother insisted on visiting this place, I joined her very reluctantly. But as soon as I saw this place and its intricate beautiful designs in lime and mortar, I immediately was so fascinated that I borrowed my friend’s digital camera and came back to this place just to take pictures!

Again, in 2019, me and mom came to this place. In 2010, this beautiful place was left at the mercy of nature. With only very few locals being aware of this jewel, this place was neglected and in need of some urgent repairs. Now, thankfully, things are slightly better. The place is on maps and government has allocated funds to renovate some parts of the building. However, still there is no government authorised guide or tour. The tombs don’t have roof, so the structures and designs are all open to rain and wind.

Mom is such a history buff that this time we asked the guys there to get us a basket full of roses to place them at the tombs. I had taken a lot of pictures during my earlier visit so this time I took more of videos than pictures.

These are some of the pictures I took in 2010.

Paigah tombs is marvellous art scripted in lime and marble that is sadly neglected and unknown. This is definitely worth a visit if you are in Hyderabad.

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