I have joined a new software firm in December. The firm turned out to be the best company I have worked for, so far. After every major release, a retrospective meeting is held at one of the company’s head quarters and team members are flown from other offices. This time, it was in San Diego. Thanks to my company, I got a B1 visa valid for 10 years 🙂

Frankly for some unknown unclear reason, I wasn’t keen to travel to US. I was happy for getting the visa and getting first stamp on my passport. That’s it! In fact, this absolute absence of excitement was very very surprising to me.

Subbu, my friend at the organisation, would also be traveling. She planned to add few days of vacation before and after our retro meeting. The plan was to visit New York and Vegas. Still, I wasn’t excited about the trip, I am not sure why. Then, due to a personal emergency, she had to cancel her travel plans. I decided to stick to San Diego only and go nowhere else.

With no gut feeling and no clue about this place, I didn’t know what to see and what to plan. But I absolutely sure about one thing. Go on my first tandem skydive at GoJump Oceanside. Check out my post regarding my skydive here.

Finally, the day has arrived for me to fly and go on my first trip outside India. The flight was very long and very tiring. I vowed to myself that I am not going to do this again unless I am very sure that the trip is going to be worth all the effort. Upon reaching San Diego, surprisingly I felt no culture shock. I really can’t understand even now why my first international trip didn’t feel ‘international’ or ‘foreign’.

The conference went well for 4 days. It was great meeting the folks I work with but never got to meet. I personally like some of my colleagues I met; they are frank and honest. It is pleasure to work with such people.

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