Day 6 of Spiti trip

We got up to be greeted by a gloomy day. It was cloudy and the Kaza mountain peak was all shrouded in clouds. It was cold and with wind blowing strong. By the time we were done with our breakfast, the weather looked more ominous. I wasn’t sure if it was alright for us to step out. But the hotel staff assured that it was very much alright. With this assurance, we went out to explore other nearby villages.

Upon leaving Kaza and ascending a bit, it started to snow! Me and Subbu were so thrilled! This was the first time we witnessed snowfall. The brown landscapes with green patches here and there, transformed to white within 15-20minutes! It was snowing very well by the time we reached Longza.

Extremely thrilled, we were laughing and giggling for no apparent reason. I was so happy that I even forgot to click pictures on my camera 😛 We only took some random shots of ourselves in front of the Longza Buddha statue with Subbu’s pixel.

Then we went to Komic. At stall beside Komic monastery, we got some lemon ginger tea. Inside the stall, the locals had lighted a nice small makeshift fireplace running on gasoline. The folks there were playing caroms. It seemed so surreal! Drinking hot teas and playing caroms by the makeshift gasoline fireplace while it was snowing outside! After sometime the snowfall stopped and the locals were playing in the snow 🙂 We bought some fridge magnets for ourselves and left to Hikkim.

At Hikkim, we posted letters to ourselves, from the World’s Highest Post Office 🙂 With beautiful images and memories, we headed back to Kaza. By now, it started to clear and sunny. Mind blowing visuals greeted us!

Untameable highlights and shadows!

Snaking Spiti river

Kaza mountain

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