Nariendar got the contact number of his relative’s friend at Nako. The idea was to request them and allow us to stay for a night at their home. Initially, both me and Subbu were uncomfortable with the idea as we prefer privacy and our own room. But we wanted to just talk with the family before we decide. Apparently, the friend’s wife, kids and sister-in-law stay here at Nako. We met his wife. She seemed very friendly. When we asked if was possible for us to get a room for ourselves, we got some good news. They were constructing rooms to accommodate tourists. Some of the rooms were almost complete but few things were missing like a working geyser and light in bathroom. We were fine with this option.

The family showed us the room. It was basic but clean and nice. We were also told that our stay and food would be free! In fact, they refused to take any money! 

One experience really touched my heart. While showing our room, we had to walk across a room in their home. I removed my footwear unaware of the fact that we should walk a bit further to reach our room. After noticing that I was barefoot, mother asked her younger daughter to fetch my footwear and the tiny angel promptly got my footwear! This simplicity, hospitality, humility, and innocence really touched my heart! I am not a kids person but I instantly fell in love with this tiny angel. Her name is Shering and she is only 8 years old.

After taking only the necessary items from luggage and leaving them in our room, we went to their home for dinner. Shering and her elder sister were there. I happily talked with the sisters. Both of them are absolutely adorable! Perfect little angels! Their mother and aunt lit up tandoor and within minutes the entire room was cozy. The aunt offered dry fruits and namkeen chai (salt tea). The salt tea was really good and very filling! Then they offered us momos; the best momos I ever had!  It was veg momo as Subbu is a vegetarian. The chutney was made of raw tomatoes and mint. It was damn flavourful! I never imagined that a chutney made of raw ingredients could be so tasty and flavourful 🙂

Tandoor to cook food and keep the room warm 🙂

The family’s hospitality is extremely touching. As it was cold outside, they got us hot water in a mug and asked us to wash our hands in a bowl. Shering poured the hot water with absolutely no inhibitions, tantrums or questions. I never knew kids can be so sweet. I was also stunned that her mother even asked her to do all this! Such humble blessed people! I can never imagine this happening in cities.

After dinner, aunt and mother got us heavy thick blankets for us. They also ensured that we have all basics. I and Subbu felt very lucky and privileged to experience such selfless love and hospitality in the Himalayas 🙂

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