Day 5: Almatti dam

See Badami – Aihole – Pattadakal for the entire travelogue.

Mom very much wanted to visit Almatti dam. Our driver Rasool and others were of the opinion that there was nothing much to do or see there. Since mom wanted to visit, I ignored all that.

The drive from Hotel Mayura, Badami to Almatti dam took us around 2 hours. The roads are good. We drove past a lot of farms, interesting villages, and some funny advertisements on hoardings. There are not much of food options on the way.

There are two parks near the Almatti dam. Visitors are not allowed to the dam without official approval. So we just visited the parks. The dam was full of water. The parks are interesting, maintained very well, and is a local picnic spot for families.

The washrooms near the parks are very clean. There are not much of food options here as well. After an hour or two, we started back to the hotel.

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