Day 4 – Pattadakal and Bhoothnath group of temples at Badami

See Badami – Aihole – Pattadakal for the entire travelogue.

By now, our very good guide Parashuram (Mobile number: +91 94494 15827) knew that we are not morning persons and did not insist upon us reaching Pattadakal by 7am. We reached Pattadakal at around 10:30am. The complex premises are maintained very well. There is a beautiful well maintained lawn with some birds. The washrooms are clean. There is ample security and foreign tourist traffic seemed good that day. There was also a book exhibition.


Parashuram took us around and explained a lot of fine details about the temples. After the heavy dose of temple visits in Badami and Aihole, I found these temples very predictable. I was even able to understand details about the sculptures and interpret them.

There are a lot of beautiful friezes depicting episodes in Ramayana, Bhagavata, and Mahabharata. Again, there are sculptures of happy couples.

There are several clear inscriptions. The script looks very similar to present day Telugu and Kannada.


Our previous guide, Kalmat was not very encouraging when mom said that she wanted to visit the Bhoothnath temple. He in fact, discouraged her by saying that it is a long walk and would be difficult for her. But Parashuram was very encouraging. He took us to Bhoothnath and this turned out to be my most favourite place!

The landscape itself is so different and beautiful. The rock colour somehow created a very nice vibe. This place would be stunning during monsoons.

I frankly feel I have not done a good job of capturing the beauty of this place. I will definitely visit this place during monsoon. The Agastya lake sometimes even floods the temple during heavy monsoon. I have seen some pictures of a waterfall plunging down the rocks behind Bhoothnath temple. The pictures were simply gorgeous. Parashuram told me that the waterfalls sometimes last for only 15 minutes during heavy rains. I will definitely come back to this place; if not for the waterfall but definitely for the lush green landscapes contrasting the red orange rocks. Special thanks to Parashuram for taking us to this wonderful place 🙂

I strongly recommend taking along a helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable guide like Parashuram to know about Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole. His mobile number is +91 94494 15827.

After returning from the Bhoothnath temple, we paid Parashuram his fee and additionally, gave the same amount as our token 🙂

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