I stumbled upon this place when looking for places to explore during our trip to Raichur. Jaladurga is a very small village on the banks of river Krishna. The name literally means fort on water. It is said that this fort was once the stronghold of Adilshahis. The fort has seven doorways, a watch tower and another tower/burj from where prisoners were thrown off the cliff as punishment. There is a stone edict outside one of the temples in the fort. Several tombs are scattered in and around the fort.

The thing I liked the most about this place is the scenic view of river Krishna from the top. Even during February, there was some water in the river. This place would be much more scenic during late monsoon.

There is ample parking space for cars. Cars can go only till the entrance. Beyond that, you must go by walk. The climb, up and down, took us one and half an hour even with my mom.




One of the seven doors.


The tower from where prisoners are thrown off the cliff as punishment.

There are several small temples in the fort. There are steps to reach the river, as well. We did not venture as the place looked desolate and too steep for mom. Also, there were some inebriated locals down near the river.

Old bridge on river Krishna. You must cross this bridge to reach Jaladurga.
Pardon me but this is the best picture I could take in the hot sun.


How to reach: Jaladurga is a 3 hour drive from Raichur. There are local buses as well but I suggest taking your own car. From what I understand, only ordinary buses ply to this village and that too infrequently. It is much more comfortable traveling in your car. The roads are very small but are in decent condition as of now.

Note to travelers:

  • Tourism is almost non-existent in this village. Only bare basics like a cup of chai (cost is mere Rs.3) and simple food with very limited options,  are available. For proper food you must go till at least Lingsugur, which is a 40-50min drive from Jaladurga.
  • You may or may not find a guide to show you around. We were lucky to find a villager, Amaresh to take us to the fort. I suggest talking to locals once you reach Jaladurga. A knowledgeable villager might accompany you and tell you about the fort.
  • Cement steps are just being constructed and there are no barricades as of now. Be very careful when you are near the edges of the cliff.

Best time to visit: Mid/Late monsoon.

I definitely would like to visit this place again during August.

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