Offbeat Goa in monsoon!

Please note that I have not visited all the mentioned places. This post is for my reference, which could be helpful to you as well.

I constantly try and seek out offbeat places. I mark them on my map but when the best season to explore those places has finally arrived, I forget. This blog is an attempt to help me keep track of some offbeat places in Goa that I feel are best to explore during mid/late monsoon (July-September). I hope you find the information helpful.

Goa is best known for beaches and nightlife. But serious travelers and explorers know that these are just a fraction of what Goa has to offer. The following are the places/activities I would love to explore/do during the coming monsoon:

  • Waterfalls: Netravali, Tambdi Surla and Hivre waterfalls.
  • Lakes: Netravali bubbling lake, Sarzora lake and Mayem lake. I visited Mayem lake back in 2008. I wonder how it has changed over these years. The route from Candolim to Mayem lake was so beautiful though dusty.
  • Plantations: Tanshikar spice farm – I plan to stay here. Tropical Spice Plantation, Ponda.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries/National Parks: Mhadei, Netravali and Mollem.
  • Treks: Pali waterfalls trek, Shivling waterfalls trek, Hukyachi Khadi trek and Kumthad waterfalls trek. From what I gather, GTDC organizes these and many other offbeat treks every year. It is better check the website regularly for updates and book the packages when available.
  • Salaulim dam
  • White water rafting
  • Boat trips, bird watching and crocodile spotting in Chorao island
  • Goan villages (Bicholim, Aldona, Olaulim and lot more) – The Goan villages have such cute names. The village walks/rides with lush greenery around is a very special experience to cherish.
  • Goan backwaters
  • Usgalimal rock carvings
  • Rivona Buddhist caves and Lamgau caves

I will be updating this list as and when I discover new places. Please do share information about any other place that you are aware of.


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